Tips To Make Daycare Drop-Offs Easier

13 October 2022
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Most parents dread daycare drop-offs. Everyone finds it difficult to get separated from their kids. Besides, children don't find it easy either. So, how do you get a child to cope with the new school life? Well, this article highlights some of the tips that help children adjust to daycare. With these tips, your child won't have difficulty adjusting to life in a daycare center.

Give Them Something Familiar

Bringing something familiar to the facility can help your child adjust quickly. You can opt to bring a doll, toy, family picture, blanket, or clothing item. Kids find these items comforting, and they can help them get through difficult times. They'll feel your presence as long as they have any of these items.

Introduce the Kid to Daycare Gradually

Transition is much easier when you gradually introduce your child to daycare. Don't just drop them off and assume that everything will be fine. The new environment might overwhelm your kid. 

To avoid such instances, you should try a gradual start. Accompany the kid to the classroom and sit with them for an hour or so. You can even ask the facility to allow your kid to begin with half days for the first week. This should prepare your kid for a full-time schedule.

Visit the Facility With Your Child

Experts recommend that you visit the daycare facility before the kid joins. Take your child with you and take a stroll in the facility. This tour should help acclimatize your kid to the daycare center. Therefore, your kid won't have difficulty during drop-offs. 

Create a Goodbye Ritual

Goodbyes can be quite hard for both of you during the first week or months. As such, you must come up with a goodbye ritual that makes drop-offs easier. You can hug your kid, give them a peck, or just say "I love you". Don't forget to tell your kid to have a good day. These simple things will give your kid much-needed assurance.

Create a Morning Routine

Once your kid starts attending daycare, you'll have very little time to interact with them. As such, you should make the best use of the little time you get. You can do so by creating a simple morning routine. For instance, have breakfast together, and pack snacks. Ensure you follow the routine, so your child knows what to expect every morning. 

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