3 Tips To Help Your Kids When They're Learning The Alphabet In Preschool

3 August 2016
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Children typically learn the alphabet as part of their preschool program at a school like Mendon Child Care Ctr. This is a very exciting time for most parents as their kids are starting to grasp the building blocks for reading. You can play a crucial role in how well your child thrives in preschool as they are learning the letters and how they sound. Here are some tips for effectively helping your kid be in the know with their alphabet knowledge.

Go for a Letter Walk

While many big kids may be out searching for Pokemon, take your preschooler out for a walk where you search for letters. Make a game of it by challenging your child to find a vowel in signs. As you walk, you may make it more challenging by calling out a harder-to-find consonant. If your child struggles with one, you can make the judgment call of when to step in and help to keep the education and enthusiasm going strong. You may even bring along chalk to write letters on the sidewalk of your home when you are coming or going.

Enlist a Child's Help with Cooking

Little helpers love being in the kitchen with their parents. As you ask for your child's help with the creation of dishes, point to letters in recipes and on measuring cups. Ask what the first letter of a word in a recipe is. Point to letters that occur a lot in a recipe. You may even open a jar of vegetable soup that has letter-shaped pasta in it. Pointing to the letters made of pasta, you can take turns pointing out which letter is which with your child.

Have a Letter Bake-Off

Don't step out of the kitchen just yet. Another way of teaching your child letters in a way that they will adore is to bake cookies in the shape of letters. You may choose the letters of your child's name, and then use them to help a child identify letters that are used in their name. That way, when they are going over letter lessons at school, they can more easily recognize which of those letters are within their very own name.

Finally, keep in mind that every child will learn at their own pace. If your child resists a lot of your efforts to help with the alphabet, you may want to schedule a conference with the preschool teacher so you two can work together to optimally help your child. Most of the time, children will thrive with their alphabet learning when they are ready to do so.