Before School Childcare: A Guide For Parents

20 July 2020
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Generally, it is easy to find care for kids during the day or even after school, but some parents work early hours and need childcare before the school day begins. If you are a parent looking for early day child care, here are some options you might consider. 

Hiring Home Help

One of the most logical options for parents who work odd hours outside the typical 9-5 workday is to hire in-home childcare. You might even get an au pair, who lives in the home with you and is able to provide childcare no matter what time of day you go to work. Au pairs can drive your children to school and various appointments, and they can sometimes be less costly for parents with more than one child. 

Paying a Local Neighbor 

Do you have a family in your neighborhood that works a more traditional schedule? You might consider sending your children to their home before school, where they can get a ride or take the bus safely from that location. This is a good option if you have another family you know well and trust, and who might be willing to get a license as a childcare provider. 

Using an Early Care Service

Some childcare providers specialize only in before and after school care. They usually know bell schedules and work well with public school transportation options. 

Check Into School District Care Services

Some school districts have services that provide before-school care. Call your local school districts to see what they offer. These can be through third-party providers, such as local YMCA facilities, preschools, or churches. However, they have the contacts set up so that registration is straightforward for your child and the issue of transportation is usually already solved. These programs can even provide for some needs, such as giving children breakfast each morning, which can reduce your personal stress load. 

Hire a Student

Depending on your school district's bell times, a cost-effective option for some parents might be to have a high school student come before school to watch your children. In many areas, elementary schools start before high school, so the kids can get to school, and then the student can go to high school. A responsible teen can provide consistent care at a reduced price, which might be best for some families. 

Working odd hours can make childcare challenging for families. Consider one of the above options as you explore what is best for your family.